Collection: New Wave

New Wave in Eromin Store 

Now the brand is experiencing a new wave of its development, hence the name of the drop. During the creation of the campaign for the brand designer , Yevgen Yeromin was inspired by the sea, youth and adventure. Catch your own wave - the brand's new slogan, which reminds us how important it is to be on your own wave and not betray your big dreams.On this wave, a new collection was created, which included hats in white and black colors.The peculiarity of the new models is that they come with ribbons of different colors, which can be changed independently. This makes it possible to have a new hat every time, simply by changing the decoration.

The drop also features Sea Collars, which together with hats create a cool look for sea adventures. In addition, in all models, you can independently adjust the size. A cool option to wear hats alternately with friends.