Hi, lovely! My name is Jackie, I’m the creator of the ERǑMIN brand. 

I’m glad to see you here and happy to present you the whole collection of my brand.

Let me tell you something interesting about us.

ERǑMIN is a Ukrainian brand of non-ordinary accessories, created in Kyiv in 2021. 

Our brand is about rest, lightness, love for yourself and friends.

ERǑMIN is all about drawing attention to yourself, you will never be overshadowed or uncomplimented  if you wear our item. This is the magic of our brand.

Catch your wave - the slogan of the brand, which reminds how important to be on your own wave and not betray your big dreams.

Our products are completely unisex and designed to complement the identity of each person, regardless of gender and age.

All products are created by hand using a special technology, with high quality, love for the sea and adventures.

ERǑMIN is a big family with open-hearted people who have a subtle feel of style, life and personality.

We invite you to dive into our big sea family 💙🌊

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By purchasing our hat you get a quality handmade product, each model is created by Ukrainian designer Eromin and sewn by professional tailors with big love and attention to details. Choose your model and complete your wardrobe with a unique accessory.