Collection: MOTANKA

Ukrainian brand of sea hats EROMIN Store and the ethnic-fashion brand 1991 have joined to present a collaborative drop for Vyshyvanka Day. The new collection is inspired by Ukrainian embroidery and designed to popularize ethnic motifs in everyday life.

The new drop is named MOTANKA and includes canvas hats and scarves adorned with hand embroidery. The centerpiece of the collection is a hat featuring a Motanka doll.

There is a belief that creating such a doll can only be done with sincere feelings and pure thoughts, as it carries powerful energy and protects against evil spirits.

The Motanka doll on the hat was personally crafted by designer Yevhen Yeromin. During the creation process, he infused the doll with his brightest wishes, making it a true talisman.

The 1991 team did the embroidery work. All the ornaments were handcrafted by modern artisans, promoting a respectful attitude towards culture.

The dominant color in the embroidery is green, symbolizing life, youth, and vitality. Yellow patterns represent wealth, abundance, and joy.

Each element also carries its own symbolism: diamonds represent fertility, crosses serve as protection against negative forces, and endless patterns signify the eternity of existence.