Collection: Warm Drop 24’

"Warm drop" from the brand of sea hats EROMIN Store


The Ukrainian brand of sea hats EROMIN Store presented "Warm drop", dedicated to the cold period when you want to be warm from the frost and do it in style.


The collection includes checkered hats in blue and gray shades. In addition, the brand has created scarves for the first time, which are perfectly combined with headwear.


Special items of the collection are hats made of eco fur, which can be supplemented with a set of mittens and a mini bag. Thus, you can immediately close the need for winter accessories stylishly. Eco fur will perfectly protect against the cold, and the animalistic print will add extravagance.


The theme of the campaign was youthful friendship and love, which can be felt only once in a lifetime. Looking at the photo, you can feel the first love and the thrill of the first experience. The new campaign is imbued with love and warm feelings for friends and loved ones.


When creating the collection, the designer of the brand Yevgen Yeromin wanted to show that the hugs of loved ones warm the best in cold weather. And hats are an accessory that will always be there in life's most important moments.


All hats are completely handmade and can be custom-made. You can buy items on the brand's Instagram page or in the showroom.