Collection: Virgin Nature SS23’

The Ukrainian brand of sea hats EROMIN Store presented the Virgin Nature summer drop. In it, the designer of the brand Yevgen Yeromin turned to nature to show its beauty and gifts.

That's why the drop includes the main pieces made from natural materials. The most important goal of the collection was to show love – love for one another, for nature, and for Ukraine.

The handwoven straw hats made of raffia, a breathable eco-material, became particularly distinctive models. They are available in Blueberry, Almond and Coconut colors. The material is very lightweight and perfect for hot weather.

Linen has long been known as an ideal fabric for summer, so EROMIN Store hats will serve not only as cool accessories but also as practical sun protection.

The Virgin Nature collection was released on the eve of Ivan Kupala's celebration. The brand respectfully embraces its roots and reveals the magical side of this holiday.

Indeed, in the campaign, girls dance near a bonfire and perform love divination rituals. Some photos were intentionally taken at night to capture the true spirit of the event.

There is a belief that not only nature but also mystical creatures come alive on Kupala. Therefore, one must be cautious not to fall in love with a mermaid, as it is during this night that they play by the water and lure young people into the underwater world.